What’s better than the feeling of producing an AMAZING and INCREDIBLE cake sculpture, that looks too good to eat, and realising that YOU did that.. you broke down those barriers of self-doubt and created a cake masterpiece..

What could be better?

The gift of confidence, and the present of a little nudge of encouragement, to a friend or loved one.

Why not treat that special cake-buddy in your world to a voucher for one of my online tutorials; it could be one you’ve done already (and absolutely conquered), or you could embark on a new course together, side by side. Do you know someone that would absolutely kick-ass on one of my courses, but just needs a little shove to jump in with both feet?

I now have Online Course Gift Vouchers available, that you can purchase and send directly to your favourite caker.. let’s spread the creative joy of these mind-blowing edible sculptures, and see who else can join us for this crazy cake-sculpting ride to the dark side!

Vouchers can be redeemed against any course