The Wild Wolf Tutorial

Step by step full-length video tuition combined with real times LIVES alongside fully annotated structural diagrams and walkthroughs that show you how to create your own food-safe structures, how to carve, cover, sculpt, hyper-real detail, texture, airbrush and dust your very own majestic, wild wolf cake.

*************Welcome To The Amazing World Of Structure************

For just £29.00 you will receive:

  • A fully illustrated multiple angle structural diagram and build instructions. *
  • Six, yes six full length instructional videos containing covering over HOURS AND HOURS of in-depth footage from two different angles showing you how to create this phenomenal structured wolf. The videos cover structure, cutting, carving, covering, sculpting details, creating hyper-real features, using an airbrush as well as working with colour gels and dusts. They also contain my trademark banter and general foolery. (I add those bits for free - yes you are welcome.)

These will be yours FOR LIFE

  • You will also receive a downloadable pack containing a fully written out step by step walk through sheet to back up your video content.
  • You will also receive a fully downloadable recipe and instructions for the cake, buttercream and ganache.
  • You will also receive a full set of downloadable templates at the correct scale to print and use as a guide to cut your structure.
  • You will receive a full set of reference images to work from and keep.

On top of all this you will also be invited to join to a private, exclusive Facebook group run by me (The Cake Illusionist) where you will receive 4 extra LIVE tuitions weekly

The course materials and full length step by step videos are available immediately on demand right now (yes, just a click away) to watch / replay and keep forever so you can learn right now then jump on the group to access further consolidation learning as well! Access the group via the link in your pre-course materials.

The extra tuition will be provided weekly via exclusive LIVES recorded directly inside the group and cover elements such as creating successful structures, and a LIVE face sculpt in real time with Q&A session. You will be able ask questions and seek advice about this course via that group so that I can help you every step of the way.

(The Live workshops for this online course are have now been completed and are available to watch immediately in the linked group.)

All this for just £29.00 one off payment. Now that really is incredible value - and it will open your work up to a level you never thought possible.

Once you have the keys to this kingdom there is literally nothing you can't achieve with cake so it's time to get your positive pants on and power up the big tools.

(*This course does require the use of an electric drill and electric jigsaw - if you want more advice on this before enrolling please email/ message me to chat it though first. This is not a faceless course - I'm right here by your side every step of this incredible adventure)


Hannah Edwards

Hannah is an award-winning, internationally recognized, highly creative, luxury cake artist specialising in hyper real edible sculptures. As well as servicing high-end private clients and large corporations for the past 6 years she also instructs and shares her skills world-wide with fellow and aspiring cake artists. As a result she has built an extremely highly regarded business within the events industry. She has been interviewed on countless radio shows, appeared on This Morning demonstrating her work and is currently featuring on the cult Channel 5 show ‘The Wonderful World Of Cakes.’

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The Wild Wolf Tutorial

Let's talk Structure!

With this tutorial you are going to take your cake sculpting skills a step higher again - removing the fear of structured cakes will leave your work free to scale any heights and vanish gravity altogether.

Positive pants and powertools! Shall we do this???

'Hannah is the best at explaining...'

After doing a few online classes over the last couple of months, I'd just like to say that Hannah is the best at explaining and sharing her methods. Thank you Hannah!

You cannot possibly do it but following her class is amazing and you will do it!

"Trust me Hannah is a great teacher and you think you cannot possibly do it but following her class is amazing and you will do it! My first dog was the first time I tackled something so complex and I am mighty chuffed with him - as you will be too. Have the confidence to go for it!"

' I loved your tutorial!'

"Hi Hannah, I loved your tutorial! My turtle looked awesome! You did a great job with your instructions and filming!! You are an extremely talented (and funny) cake artist! I would love for you to make more tutorials, especially animals. Thank you so much for putting your time into this. I hope I can take a class with you in person someday!!"